Blood & Sand:

Gardner tells his remarkable tale well and bravely, with an astonishing lack of anger and enduring love and respect for the Islamic world.’ SUNDAY TIMES

A witty, self-deprecating, inspiring testament.’ DAILY TELEGRAPH

What makes Gardner’s moving, often humorous, deeply personal story so important is the fact that he has woven into it a brilliantly dispassionate, clear-eyed account of the Islamic world.’ THE SCOTSMAN magazine

A superb reporter…his terrible experience only makes his analysis all the more telling.’ EVENING STANDARD

Gardner is a tremendous model for what relations between East and West can be…a fine introduction both to journalism and to the culture of the Middle East.’ INDEPENDENT

Near-death experiences do not come any more real than Frank Gardner’s chilling, graphic and admirably unsentimental account.’ GUARDIAN

Witty and moving, capturing without self-pity the horror of learning his legs don’t work.’ OBSERVER

A remarkable book from a remarkable man.’ YORKSHIRE EVENING POST

Frank’s honest account of his life-changing experiences offers a message of hope in a dangerous and divided world.’ THE GOOD BOOK GUIDE

His story, mixing the personal and the political, is both moving and insightful – a testament to one individual’s will to overcome a terrible experience, and a powerful piece of reportage.’ BOOKS QUARTERLY

A compelling autobiography.’ WOMAN’S WEEKLY

Written with honesty, integrity and humour, this is a powerful, haunting account of survival, of overcoming adversity and a determination to carry on – a moving and inspiring personal story.’ IN DUBLIN

Far Horizons:

Frank Gardner doesn’t see himself as any kind of hero, but he does see himself as someone who was blessed with physical skills and an insatiable curiosity about the world out there, and nearly being gunned to death is not for him the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning. The fact that his reassuring presence and balanced, well-informed reports are still on our screens in these difficult times is a sign of an unquenchable spirit. It’s the spirit that courses through the pages of this book and the spirit that, whether he might like to think so or not, is a huge inspiration to many like him. And like me.’ MICHAEL PALIN, from his Foreword to Far Horizons

Gardner is a good storyteller…Always revealing, often riotous and sometimes very moving’ TIME OUT

His adventures fly off the page…entertaining and charmingly self-deprecating’


A bold, life-affirming read’ GQ magazine