Frank Gardner in RomePresident of the Ski Club of Great Britain, Gardner after his injuries relearned how to ski using a bobski (also called a sit-ski), that allows disabled people to ski while seated. He has since competed in the BBC Celebrity Grand Slalom in Courmayeur, coming spectacularly last, and has taken his children scuba diving in the Indian Ocean.



  1. Darren Heaton says:

    Keep up the Great work with your news stories and your books.
    Best of luck with your charity challenges
    Kind regards Darren and Guardsman Bertie bear .

  2. I have a partial spinal cord injury, I probably walk a little better than you as I am more out of the chair than you, but you are a great inspiration.
    Have you seen this?


  3. mary quincey says:

    I was very interested to hear you speaking about your enjoyment of watching birds from remote hides.
    We used to go walking in remote places but as I have MS have decided that birdwatching from hides or perhaps seeing wildlife from a boat is the way ahead.
    Have you found hides abroad or do you rely on RSPB for information?
    Would be so grateful for any information – and happy birdwatching!
    Many thanks,
    Mary Quincey

  4. margaret spencer says:

    you are so remarkable,.keep up the good stories,;every one is very proud of you and wishes you a good life,,good luck’

  5. Colin Richardson says:

    Hi Frank,
    This is Colin Richardson (UAE & Cyprus Bird Recorder, birder etc) I’ve been following your travels, and saw you on the news a couple of times today in Bahrain. You sitting there in the sunshine reminded me of all my birding trips we took there. Are you still birding and have you had any time to get out? Is Howard still there, to show you the Hypocolius?!
    Keep in touch. We’re now in Cyprus, been here since 2004.

    Don’t forget to mention you’re a birder in your Hobbies section…(:-)

  6. Giles Stride says:

    Mr Gardner, your resilience and professional integrity are simply inspirational. Long may your charity work continue.

    Best regards

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